I’m Susan, and this is my blog: Twenty-something. It’s true that this is a slightly odd name for a blog, but let me explain. I’m “twenty-something,” nearly twenty-four, to be exact. In this blog, you can expect to see collections of my thoughts and my perspectives on life. Some of you will be able to connect with where I’m coming from as a young adult. And for those of you who are in a different stage of life, it could be enlightening to know the thoughts of a girl in her twenties. However, please remember: I am one voice in this great big world of voices, and my thoughts and experiences will be vastly different at times from the thoughts and experiences of other people in the world. In no way am I a stereotype of my generation! 

   Now, rather than a predictable kind of introduction, I want to include snippets of inspiration as well. So, let’s focus today on the little things in life that make me (and maybe you!) happy. If you read between the lines, you’ll probably pick up some basic facts about me as well. 

   I like getting coffee drinks at little coffee shops, not only because of the obvious coffee, but also because of the paper wrapper around the outside of the cup that is put on to keep you from burning your hands. It feels sophisticated to drink coffee out of those cups, and I for one, am a fan of sophistication. Silly? Probably. But admit it- there’s something elegant about driving down the road sipping coffee in a take-out cup.  

   I love books. That may be an understatement. I have a relatively large collection of books, which is awesome, except when you’re moving. I just recently moved to a small town, and let me tell you: moving boxes of books is no joke! However, I have friends among my books. There’s Anne Shirley, who is a kindred spirit for sure, and then there’s Christy Huddleston, a schoolteacher with big dreams in her heart that could rival mine. Jane Austen’s Fanny Price is a sweetheart, and oh, I love Louisa May Alcott’s little women. Of course, there are the Prince Charmings as well: Gilbert Blythe and Edmund Bertram and the awkward Mr. Darcy. We mustn’t forget about Winnie-the-Pooh! Then there’s Sal and her blueberry picking experience… Ah, books. Pages and pages filled with wonderful words. By the way, good reading is key to good writing, in my opinion.

   Little girls just learning to talk make me happy. I’m not a mommy, but I do currently have a nanny job, and there aren’t a whole lot of things in this world that are sweeter than a small person saying, “Yep.” I also love baby shoes and pigtails and being called “Thoo.” Give me little reaching arms and play-dough creatures, alphabet puzzles and hairbows. Children give me so many reasons to smile, and there are several of them that have impacted my life permanently. Take, for instance, a brown-eyed, black haired little girl who melted my heart when I was sixteen and the gentle-souled little boy who reminded me of Anne’s “Paul Irving.”

   Deep conversations are one of the joys of life. Whether we’re discussing revival or dreaming big dreams, these conversations should be treasured. Like Davy Keith, “I want to know.” I want to dig into the Bible. I want to discuss the things I have questions about. I want to learn more. Knowledge. I want knowledge. I would a thousand times rather have a deep conversation with somebody than play games. Let’s discuss our purpose or contemplate whether or not we’d ever exist if we didn’t exist… those kinds of ponderings.

   I’m a seasonal kind of person. I love the pumpkin spice craze in the fall and gingerbread around Christmastime, ice cream in the summertime and hot coffee drinks in the wintertime, springtime lavender and lemon, Valentine’s Day hearts. However, even though I enjoy the changing seasons, fall is my absolute favorite. The colors of fall alone are enough to sway my preference that way. Add to that the pumpkins and cornstalks and mums, and we have a winner.

Early mornings… I’ve rediscovered the fact that I actually do like early mornings. I don’t like rushed mornings, though. No, I prefer the slow, quiet, curl up with a blanket and coffee kind of mornings, the writing and reading and praying kind of mornings. They never last long enough, though, and the time to head out the door always comes too quickly.

It’s a beautiful world, really. The beauty isn’t always visible immediately, but it’s always there. Stop today- seriously stop- and find something beautiful. If you’re a reader, I have a book recommendation for you: One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp. If you’re a writer, let the poet within you blossom. Artists, draw a picture or take a photograph… You know what speaks to your heart. Just in some way, today, embrace the beautiful in the life that God has made.

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