Obsessed with Homemaking?!

Are there any single ladies who are a little obsessed with homemaking? Are there really unmarried women who follow wearethehomemakers, rememberingtheoldways, and thehomemakingmomma on Instagram? Yes, I’m guilty as charged. Not that it’s a bad thing to do, but it might be a tad peculiar.

There’s something about having a space that you, as a woman, can be the preserver of. The Bible tells wives in the book of Titus to be “keepers at home.” What does that actually mean? Just a quick search online and I find that this phrase is the Greek word oikourgous, which, according to Strong’s Concordance, means “working at home.” The home is our domain. It’s written on our hearts, ladies. As a single woman, I long for this kind of life. I know, we live in a career-driven age, and it’s not exactly popular to want this thing that’s been written on our hearts. But, if you, like me, have a dream of a cottage with a garden and a husband and babies, I understand. It’s an old-fashioned dream, and that’s just fine.

I may be a little obsessed with homemaking; I’m also a little obsessed with Breadmaking. The smell of yeast, though, isn’t it synonomous with traditional housewives? I love rubbing the top of still hot bread with butter and wrapping it up in a towel to keep it soft. It’s a little bit like putting a baby to bed. Then there are things like biscuits with flaky layers made from scratch and sour cream muffins toasty brown and warm from the oven. Don’t they just delight your soul? If you’ve never made an apple pie from start to finish, beginning with picking up the apples from under the apple tree and ending with pulling the pie from the oven, you have missed out on such a satisfying feeling. Preparing food, it’s a basic skill of life, and we still need hands willing to make the food.

Did you know that cleaning can actually be relaxing? Please don’t misunderstand me; I am not volunteering to come clean your house. I used to clean houses, and it can be such tiring, hard work. But when it is your own home you are cleaning, it feels so rewarding. Also, as a nanny, I used to have about a two hour time span each afternoon while the little one slept, in which I would often clean and cook. I find, as she no longer naps every day, that I miss those times of cleaning. It was a break for my mind to have simple, routine things to do that required little mental energy. If you’re a mom, or you care for children, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Sometimes, our brains just need a rest, too.

Cooking, cleaning, babies. I held a new baby today. He’s only six days old. I know we’re living in a time where the debate rages hot about abortion. Let me just say this: abortion is enabling women to kill the very dearest dreams of other women. Some of us long for a baby to hold, to feed, to love, to protect. It’s an amazing fact that our bodies, as women, were designed to produce life. It’s a gift we have; let’s not destroy that gift. We get to be the ones to have babies! We get to nourish them and help them grow, kiss their little heads and tell them we love them, and watch them become adults with dreams of their own.

Excuse the poor artwork here- I’m a writer, not an artist, but hopefully you can see the message I’m trying to convey with the picture.

I’m glad God made me a woman, even with all the unfulfilled longings that come with that right now- that deep desire to have a home and family of my own. And even with the crazy emotions and the kind of mind and heart that will continue to be mystifying to the men until the end of the world!

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