Quarantine Activity Ideas

If you are stuck in quarantine and are needing some inspiration for how to spend your time, this is a post for you.

Idea One: Plan your wedding. No, I’m not getting married. My goodness, I don’t even have a boyfriend! This might seem, then, like a pointless waste of time, however, it is quite entertaining. I have decided to have a lavender and wheat wedding- both the colors and the plants. It really captures my personality quite well. And I plan to serve sourdough bread. Yes, I even came up with a menu! Are you amused? Exactly. Sometimes, when things in the world around us look depressing, which seems to be the case all the time now, we need a little humor inserted in our lives. Humor and hope…. The story of the life of a single woman.

Idea Two: Make a wreath. I did this without going shopping for supplies, which of course is the appropriate thing to do when you are in quarantine. I bought an undecorated wreath last year, which looked really cheesy and quite terrible, but the point was, it was cheap. So, I took off the greenery (it was not worthy of being called greenery), and was left with the wire ring. I had some nicer artificial greenery to replace the old. Then my sister and I strung microwavable popcorn. It was unnecessarily buttered, but it was what we had. My string ended up on the wreath, for even after two bags of popcorn, my sister’s attempt wasn’t going well, due to her putting quite a lot of popcorn in her belly rather than on the string. Side note: She ended up eating what she had strung as well, as it really wasn’t long enough to use for anything else. The only other additions to the wreath were lemon, orange, and apple slices that I tried to dry in the oven. I think it turned out quite pretty, with a very Colonial Williamsburgish look.

Idea Three: Do that mending. I know, it’s been piled in your room for a long time, and you’ve been procrastinating. After all, you have time for social media, but there is never any time for sewing up clothes. Why is it that we tend to procrastinate on things that would take so little time if we just did them? Well, if you’re me, who doesn’t have a lot of patience for sewing, that would explain a lot of things. I feel quite housewifely and vintage when I do pull out a needle and thread. I should probably do it more often.

Idea Four: Reorganize your books. I’ve seen the idea to organize books by their colors, and quite frankly, it’s not an idea I was really sold on. I like to have mine organized more by size and author and subject. But, I had time, so I’m giving the color method a try. It does look nice, I have to admit. Does anybody else seem to have the problem of not enough bookshelf? I suppose the problem could also be too many books, but how is that possible?

Idea Five: Freak out. There are so many things to freak out about! When will I be able to go back to work? Am I getting sick? Am I not getting sick? What is my purpose? I typically like time off, so why do I feel so empty? When will this stop? Yeah, freaking out is probably something I should try NOT to do. It’s not beneficial. Idea Five Revised: Trust God. But it’s so hard!! Trust God. Trust God. Trust God. Trust God….

Idea Six: Actually read the Bible. There is such a limitless amount of growing we can do in God’s Word. And I desperately need truth. Right is seen as wrong, and wrong is seen as right too often in today’s world. How are we supposed to stand for truth when we don’t know truth? Besides, perhaps in reading the Bible, some of this anxiety will go away.

And remember! Quarantine will not last forever. Let’s use it well.

2 thoughts on “Quarantine Activity Ideas

  1. Fun! I love the wreath, especially the dried orange and apple slices. I’ve been meaning to try that. But I’m with your sister – I love microwave popcorn and would end up eating it all! But stringing up some air-popped stuff might be fun for my older boy. He’ll need things to do this week…our schools are closing again. 😕 Oh and I love snooping around other people’s book shelves! 😍 Thanks for an interesting post.

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