Photo Journey of an Apple Pie

I love my cutting board. And big knives are the greatest in the kitchen! Slicing the apples for the pie…
The sliced apples covered in cinnamon, sugar, molasses, and a bit of salt
I keep my most frequently used flour in this crock now. It’s purely for the asthetic appeal, and because it’s so vintage. Smiley face.
This is one of the best kitchen tricks ever that someone taught me for biscuits, and it works for pie crust, too. Grate your butter into the flour, rather than using a pastry cutter or a fork. So helpful!
Nice crumbly flour and butter crumbs
Pie crust ready to be formed into a ball to roll out
Rolled out
The pie filled up
Upper crust put in place
Edges pinched and the pie is ready to be brushed with egg.
All brushed, or as I refer to it when I’m with the little girl: painting the pie
While the pie bakes, I’ll use the leftover dough to make Hanswaschlin. We used to make these at home once in a great while. Roll out the dough and add some jam.
Roll it up, and cut into little pieces. A piece of dental floss works amazing to cut them. Slide the floss underneath, cross it on top, and pull.
Ta da! Now they can go into the oven as well.
While they bake, I’m going to clean up the mess. No dishwasher in this apartment, so all our dishes get washed by hand.
And they are finished!
Have a piece of pie! Smiley face.

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