Christmas in My Town


We’re just another small hometown,
Where the snow comes drifting down.
Right beside the interstate,
The winter’s long; spring’s always late.

But thoughts of spring are premature
As evidenced by the decor,
Gifts we’re buying in the store,
Snowy bootprints on the floor.

Filling boxes up with cheese
Curl more ribbon, would you please?
Mocha steamer in a mug,
Giant snowman gets a hug.



Make angels in the parking lot,
Soup for dinner, toasty hot.
Give that pumpkin bread away,
Shine a light in someone’s gray.

The bridge is wearing winter white
And five o’clock brings chilly night.
Christmas lights across the street,
We’ll find the elf for you to meet.



Experience Christmas here with me,
Live a part in this story,
And maybe then you’ll really see
Why I’ve chosen here to be.

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