A Welcome to Autumn (Good Riddance to Summer)

Summer’s road was rough and hard
Leaving me a little scarred.
Unexpected devastation,
Basket case of frustration.
But like all things, summer’s passed
Into history at last.
I welcome fall in all its glory
Ready for a different story.
Bring on lots of pumpkin spice
Don’t lose hope that something nice
May happen still despite the mess
So let it go, that weary stress.
To the wind, the burdens throw
May my heart more peaceful grow.
Rejoice in yellow, red, and brown
Watch the leaves fall in the town.
Pull out the bin of autumn clothes
Let candle scents delight my nose;
Keep that coffee mug nearby
Cut myself a piece of pie.
Consider pumpkins local grown
Buy them for my very own.
Fall in love with little things
Welcome change this season brings.

cookies for Kids’ Minute at church
Sourdough Bread

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