Funeral Thoughts

The rocky dirt filling up the hole in the ground into which the coffin has been lowered… a father with his arm around his daughter as she grieves… a little girl that keeps getting out of the blanket in which her mother has wrapped her, so young that she probably won’t even remember the day that her family bid Granny goodbye… the cold wind… the shovel in my hands… privileged to be allowed to mourn with these people… knowing that I was special to the one now gone (regardless of the fact that I only saw her three times)… being grateful that I reconnected with her several months ago, but sad that there will be no future reunions this side of heaven… feeling like I found a family though, who loves me and accepts me… like perhaps this really is only the beginning… the concept we heard today about eternity already starting here… so much to process and where to go from here… how to stay more connected to these people who really are blood that flows true… what part does all this play in the story… maybe there’s redemption in the loss… and what is God really doing? 

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