The Curse of Possessions

I am attempting to have a yard sale today. Why do I have so crazy much stuff? We have recently acquired another roommate, and I also have tentative plans that have finally given me the necessary motivation to seriously downsize. Plus, I am asking the question: which do I want most- the stuff or the money I might get from selling the stuff?

Comparatively speaking, I don’t actually have that many possessions. Not that it’s a good idea to compare ourselves with others, but the average American probably owns far more than I do. Yet, even considering this, I still have too much. Why? Because it ties me down in ways that are less than helpful. If one feels that one couldn’t just pick up and move with ease, due to the amount of stuff that would need to be stored somewhere, it might be time to consider priorities. What is most important to me?

What are my weaknesses when it comes to stuff? Books, honey. And clothes. And when one has limited closet space, and no built-in bookshelves, well…. Also adding to the problem is the fact that I live in a small apartment, which hopefully will not be a lifelong residence. To put it in other words, I am not in a settled state. ‘Tis true that it would be nice to be in a more permanent kind of home, but ’tis also true that is not reality for me.

How much stuff does one actually need to live- and to live well? The answer is debatable. Yet I think I can safely say that most of us could live with less. Less stuff equals more freedom. Perhaps both physically and mentally. I am by no means a minimalist- goodness, I like my living quarters to feel cozy. But where is the balance between cluttered and cozy? We live in an age of accumulation. And possessions are dangerous things. The race of acquiring more and better can blind us to what life is really about.

Not to mention that the amount of work it takes to get rid of the stuff is just frustrating. Especially when one tries to have a yard sale and people do not deem it necessary to stop and rid me of my burdens. It worsens the annoyance level when everything had to be carried down a substantial flight of stairs. Maybe I should consider these things when I contemplate future purchases. Okay, there’s my rant for the day.

Own less; live freer. You’re welcome.

2 thoughts on “The Curse of Possessions

  1. Oh dear. I feel as if I have just been convicted. I should like very much to just ignore my surrounding clutter but that might mean that I’m a terrible human being. If my conscience gets the best of me then I too shall declutter thanks to you. Best of luck with your continued journey to down size!



    1. It is not meant to send you on a guilt trip! 🙂 We are at different places in life and what has become a burden to me might not be to others. And believe me, you are not a terrible human being! Quite the reverse, in fact💚


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