A Blessing for the Little One

My life is about to undergo a significant change, as I live through these last several weeks of my nanny job. It feels like the ending of another chapter, although I hope the relationship strongly established with the little one will continue throughout the story of life. I hope I am a safe place for her to come to when her encounters with life need another person to speak into them. I hope she can look back at these past couple years and remember a happy toddlerhood.

A blessing for you, child:

May you continue to hold the earthworms when you dig in the dirt. May you notice the butterflies, the buttercups, and whether the faces of the flowers are opened or closed. May you eat violets and chives when you encounter them growing on the farm. May you cuddle kittens and feed chickens.

May you not get caught up in the endless busyness prized by modernity. May you discover the value of simplicity. May you surround yourself with several close friends, instead of attempting to earn the admiration of multitudes. May you prioritize the things that really matter and let go of the things that don’t.

May you search for beauty, truth, and goodness- and may you discover that the Source and Essence of all of these is God. May you continue to sing “Amazing Grace,” and when the day comes that you understand the words of the song, may you embrace the grace He offers. May you love in the example of Jesus, and may you see that real love is not the equivalent of tolerance. May you develop compassion and may your world be bigger than you. And may you always know that you are loved.

Thank you for loving me, child, and for your incredible sense of humor… for joining me in the senseless naming of stuffed animals (and blankies), for the times lately that you’ve put your head on my shoulder, for the unexpected things you say, and for all those conversations with Minnie, Claire, Levi, and whichever other creatures- for not only putting up with my imagination, but for adding your own.

I love you, Pumpkin.

3 thoughts on “A Blessing for the Little One

  1. You have been such a Blessing for Grace and the whole Family. You will always have a special bond and place in Grace’s Heart. Thank You for everything and Best of Luck for your Future.


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