Thoughts Inspired by Prince Caspian

“It would never have worked anyway,” Susan says to Caspian as she prepares to leave Narnia for the last time. Is this supposed to make him feel better? Or herself, for that matter?  I’m sorry, Caspian. I know something of sadness in romance. Brandon Heath sings “falling in love is a beautiful thing….” Perhaps itContinue reading “Thoughts Inspired by Prince Caspian”


I like words that sound scholarly and intelligent. Maybe it’s because I would like to be scholarly and intelligent myself. Be that as it may, I shall present to you today this theological concept of theosis, which was introduced to me at school this winter. Theosis is a part of the Eastern Orthodox Church’s tradition,Continue reading “Theosis”

Tolkien Reading Day 2023

The theme for Tolkien Reading Day 2023 is Travel and Adventure. This is quite perfect, in light of a (fingers crossed) trip to France with two of my friends in the autumn. It might also be good for me to have some balance, as I am rather attached to the ideas of home, roots, andContinue reading “Tolkien Reading Day 2023”

Book Suggestions

2022 has been a year which has, in a sense, rekindled my reading life, and awoken my academic self in a tangible way. I highly recommend beginning your year with study and new perspectives. The five weeks I spent at school last winter had rather far-reaching effects, from developing a passion for Beauty, to expandingContinue reading “Book Suggestions”

July Fog

An early morning July fogSuffocating my surroundings in obscurityMy way is unclear. Chapters closing ceaselesslyAnd predictability lies in the constancyOf more confusion. I clench my teethAnd claw relentlessly at my scalpIt hurts. It hurts. My heart is tiredRefugees are not the only displacedWhere indeed, is home? What is life?A frantic rush to find a pathYetContinue reading “July Fog”

A Blessing for the Little One

My life is about to undergo a significant change, as I live through these last several weeks of my nanny job. It feels like the ending of another chapter, although I hope the relationship strongly established with the little one will continue throughout the story of life. I hope I am a safe place forContinue reading “A Blessing for the Little One”

The Curse of Possessions

I am attempting to have a yard sale today. Why do I have so crazy much stuff? We have recently acquired another roommate, and I also have tentative plans that have finally given me the necessary motivation to seriously downsize. Plus, I am asking the question: which do I want most- the stuff or theContinue reading “The Curse of Possessions”