Late October

Late October, autumn yetTemperature- cold and wet.Inside again, sleepy strugglesCoffee then- and Pumpkin snuggles.She sucks her thumb, I rub her feetI’ll hold onto some moments sweet. Late October, bake little cakesPeace-filled cure- for all our sakes.Pause and write, revamp my daysRekindle light in little ways.All grace embrace and fight the hasteA slower pace- a sweeterContinue reading “Late October”

A Welcome to Autumn (Good Riddance to Summer)

Summer’s road was rough and hardLeaving me a little scarred.Unexpected devastation,Basket case of frustration.But like all things, summer’s passedInto history at last.I welcome fall in all its gloryReady for a different story.Bring on lots of pumpkin spiceDon’t lose hope that something niceMay happen still despite the messSo let it go, that weary stress.To the wind,Continue reading “A Welcome to Autumn (Good Riddance to Summer)”